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Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Our Flex Plan gives you access to a dedicated team

that you can dial up or down at any time

to meet your needs and budget.

Web Audit

1 week

Identify what's stopping conversions, find solutions, and build your data-driven plan for success.


  • Increase web traffic

  • Increase conversions (sign ups, bookings, subscriptions)

  • Take your website from usable to delightful


  • Full Website Analysis

  • Step-by-Step Redesign Guide

  • BONUS Marketing Playbook

Research Sprint

3–4 weeks

Take the risk out of your decisions by anchoring them in proven customer needs.


  • Discover customer problems

  • Increase retention by improving your customer experience

  • Increase sales by discovering key customer objections and how to overcome them


  • Comprehensive Research Report

  • Detailed Customer Personas

  • Feedback from Real Target Customers

  • BONUS Marketing Playbook

Best value

Innovation Sprint

4–5 weeks

Build and test a solution with real customers using Google Design Sprint 2.0, a proven system used by expert firms worldwide.


  • Capture feedback on early designs or messaging—before investing resources

  • Increase team focus and efficiency

  • Put your solution in the hands of the people who matter most

Includes the benefits of a Research Sprint plus:

  • A Tested and Improved Solution

  • 5 Customer Tests

  • 1 Additional Report

Best value


How Can We Help?

We Help


Small Businesses

Small Teams



Small Teams

Do Big Things

affinityUX is your partner in crafting

exceptional customer experiences

through user research.

Start Your Journey with a Free Discovery Call

You have a vision for your product or service, but navigating user needs can be complex.

We'll start by asking questions to clarify your unique goals and challenges.


After Our Call, You'll Receive a Tailored Proposal For Your Project

Together, we'll craft a targeted research plan that drives your business goals and gives you the greatest impact for your budget.


Our Partnership Begins

Count on us to do all the heavy lifting.

But because you know your business best, we'll put you in charge of how we support your team and keep your users at the center.


You'll Receive Clear, Actionable Reports

We move quickly but never compromise on quality.

Expect your next steps within a swift timeframe so you can immediately take action and get results.


Even After Your Project is Complete, We Provide Continued Support

Our commitment extends beyond delivery.

We offer flexible support plans and regular check-ins, ensuring you have the ongoing guidance you need to deliver exceptional products and services.


Ready to Transform
Your Customer Experiences?


What to Expect

Have questions?
Get in touch!

Fill out this quick contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Looking to learn more about one of our services?


Book a free discovery call with a member of our team.

Optimizing Conversions through Web Audit

Customer Journey Mapping, Marketing Strategy, SEO & Competitive Analysis 

Streamlining Bookings for a Faster Path to Wellness

Web Redesign, Survey Design, Sales Flow Strategy & SEO 


Our Latest Success Stories


“This was perfect for figuring out what’s not working. 


They’ll help you figure out the truth and get your sales back rolling in the right direction because you'll discover things the customer isn't telling you.”

– Dustin, CEO of Accord Group

"The free discovery call was so valuable that I was willing to pay for it on its own."

– Alex, Program Director at a Psychotherapy Clinic

"I went from hating my website to being proud to present it.

I was most amazed at how they distilled my thoughts and ideas and kept them intact as they elevated them and reduced friction for my customers."

– Evan, Founder of a Massage Therapy Clinic

affinityUX’s ability to articulate and anchor on user needs is exceptional.


Their interview questions delve deep, uncovering the authentic needs of users to improve the product. They are a true asset to any team. I welcome the opportunity to collaborate with them again.”

– Eli, Senior Product Designer

These are some of the most thoughtful UX leaders I have worked with.

They champion the customer experience and seek clarity until it’s optimized. They also worked above and beyond to deliver with excellence!” 

– Hanna, Marketing and Communications Leader for Fundraising & Development

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