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Massage of CT

For over a decade, Omni Massage of CT has been a highly-rated provider of therapeutic relief and relaxation. Owner, Evan, wanted to simplify booking for core services like massage, sauna, and neuromuscular reprogramming. Our collaboration streamlined Omni's digital booking experience, reducing information overload and creating a clear path to wellness for new clients.

Less Friction, More Relief

“I was blown out of the water.

I would refer affinityUX to anyone except for my competitors!”

– Evan, Founder of Omni Massage of CT 


  • UX Web Audit & Redesign Summary

  • Tailored Marketing Playbook

  • Website Redesign

  • Improved Booking Flow

  • Customer Survey Research Report 


Sales Flow Optimization
Information Architecture
Web Design
Survey Design
eCommerce Integration


Website & Mobile Site
Square eCommerce

Omni Massage faced a challenge: their online booking process wasn't keeping pace with their reputation. The existing system—overloaded with information—created friction for new and returning clients.  

To unlock more sales potential, Evan partnered with affinityUX to understand the client journey and streamline the sales path.  We also implemented customer feedback loops to ensure Evan could improve his services.

The Challenge


Clear Sales Path:

Clear CTA buttons now take customers directly to booking pages. 

Clarity at a Glance:

Service cards now contain simple language describing each service with corresponding time and price, driving new bookings.

Easy-to-Use Nav Bar:

We redesigned Evan's site so that services are clearly outlined in the site header and are clickable.


Unclear Value:

Missing prices, times, and dense text on service pages made it hard for customers to understand offerings.

Sales Path Disruption:

Service cards lacked a clear call to action (CTA), and even led visitors out of the site.

Counterintuitive Menu:

Omni's "Services" tab wasn't clickable, forcing users to navigate to a submenu to find available services.

Survey Design

To gather ongoing customer feedback, we designed a targeted survey delivered 24 hours after each massage session.


Increased Customer Satisfaction

This survey uncovered key opportunities to improve Omni's in-studio experience, increasing customer satisfaction.

This survey specifically investigated potential barriers to sauna services, including time constraints, awareness, and cost sensitivities.

Have a Project For Us?

We help you bridge the gap between your vision and reality by designing user-centered solutions that fit your budget.


Omni previously showcased R&R products that were only available for in store purchase and pickup.

In order to serve Omni's customers conveniently, we desgined an e-commerce storefront allowing customers to preview and purchase these products on Omni's site and have them shipped directly to their home.

Sidebar Shopping Cart:

Customers can see their chosen products at a glance, avoiding the hassle of navigating back and forth.

Photo Carousel:

High-quality product images that showcase the natural ingredients used in the product.

Clear Descriptions:

Simple descriptions and clear instructions on how to use the product empowers the customer and builds confidence in their purchase.

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