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10/10 would recommend affinityUX to others!”

– Kenneth, Director of Operations

The threat of burnout looms large for many cross-cultural workers. SentWell, a multi-disciplinary team of psychotherapists and coaches nestled in a Spanish villa near Málaga, offers them the support they need to thrive.

However, SentWell felt its website wasn't effective in connecting its audience to the right events and services. They partnered with affinityUX to streamline their website, making it easier for these cross-cultural workers to find the support they deserve.

A Clearer Path to Care


  • UX Web Audit 

  • Website Redesign Summary

  • Tailored Marketing Playbook


Event Signup Optimization
Marketing Strategy


Squarespace Website

SentWell's team was overwhelmed with inquiries and requests for 1:1 care, hindering their ability to focus on event marketing.  Their website's unclear structure made it difficult for visitors to find key information, reducing sign-ups.

To address this challenge, SentWell partnered with affinityUX. We provided consultative feedback on event marketing strategy and identified key opportunities to improve the website so that visitors can find what they need.

Additionally, we highlighted SEO improvements and formatting to improve the website's visibility, attracting new visitors to SentWell's services.

The Challenge

Redesign Summary


We clearly labeled the highest priority actions to increase conversions, with aesthetic recommendations and other changes listed as lower priority.

Ranked Recommendations:

We provided a comprehensive list of actions that would drive event signups for SentWell, with issues prioritized based on their severity, ease of fix, and business impact. 

Web Audit

Limited Sales Conversion: Missing pricing information, hidden event dates, and information-heavy service pages created a confusing user experience, leading to lost booking opportunities for SentWell.

Confusing Sales Funnel: Lack of clear booking options forced visitors to overutilize a contact form, hindering conversions and burdening staff with potential non-sales inquiries.

Enhanced Conversion Clarity:

We delivered a visually engaging report that addressed the most critical conversion barriers first, maximizing return on investment

Marketing Playbook

To build upon our audit’s recommendations, we provided suggested marketing experiments to engage with new or lapsed customers to increase sales.

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